The kind of broccoli sold in the supermarket consists of one large head. It sits in the ground for about 18 months doing very little and then it is harvested. It isn't actually very high yielding, but can be grown on a large scale.
Sprouting broccoli is a far better crop for the small garden. It produces lots of small heads in early spring, when there is very little else growing (ours produced heads in the autumn as well). It can be cut repeatedly and it keeps sending up fresh heads. The yield is very high over quite a long period. Of course it needs harvesting every few days in spring, and no commercial farmer could afford the labour costs of growing it on a big scale. Somehow though wandering around the garden cutting fresh broccoli for dinner doesn't feel like work.

This is an example of small scale agriculture being more productive than large scale agriculture. There are many more, such as
intercropping. I think sprouting broccoli is great. Catz disagrees. It's April & we've been eating lots of it for weeks
- Ian

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